Read This Summer

Presented by MailChimp & the AJC Decatur Book Festival


Read This Summer is MailChimp’s summer reading program.

Now in its fourth year, Read This Summer has grown out of our longstanding partnership with the Decatur Book Festival. In 2015, our DBF friends asked us if we’d like to invite a track of authors to the festival. Did we ever! In fact, the only thing we wanted more was to extend that offer, in turn, to novelist and essayist Roxane Gay. She brought a roster of 11 esteemed writers to the DBF across all genres, and even hosted that year’s festival keynote.

In 2016, we asked novelist Alexander Chee to do the honors. And whaddaya know, he did a pretty bang-up job, too. The folks he invited were all so awesome, we had no choice but to do a company-wide book club. All MailChimp employees got to pick a book by one of the 11 writers to read over the summer, then we hosted discussion groups and a lil shindig with all the authors when they came to town.

Last year, in 2017, we thought our buds at Longform might be up for the challenge, and boy did they come through. We loved the books they picked so much, we invited the whole world to read along.

This year, we’re excited to be hosting a wide-ranging crew selected by the writer Shea Serrano.

Read Last Summer (2017)
Selected by Longform

Read The Last Summer Before Last (2016)
Selected by Alexander Chee

Read The Summer Before Last Before Last (2015)
Selected by Roxane Gay